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With ExamDiff users are able to compare two similar files on a deeper level. It displays the two compared files side by side, highlighting their differences. The interface is really simple with easy navigation by means of buttons and a drop-down list of lines.

Users can customize the colors the program uses to highlight added, deleted, and changed lines in a document. When the user enters the name of the directory where one of the files to be compared is located, the program will automatically search for the other file. It is also possible to drag and drop one or two files into the program's window.

After comparing two files, the program will display the results on one or several pages. Here users can copy or edit the text resulting from the comparison using a default text editor, and save the file differences into a UNIX Diff file. When running a comparison, the program offers the following options: to ignore white spaces or case differences, a file extension filter, to ignore changes in the amount of white spaces in lines, and some more.

Unfortunately, there isn't any manual available. Moreover, the program runs mainly using command lines so it is not suitable for novice users.

Raul Iniguez
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  • Automatic comparison
  • Comparison options
  • Searches and saves results
  • Remembers compared files


  • Not for novice users
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